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God is Greater Than Lyme--Gail Pallotta: Part 2

“You can go the medical route, combine the therapies, or go only holistic. It’s your body, so it’s your choice.”

When I saw Sally, she explained a few specifics of bio-feedback testing. “On the Spectra Vision we like to see the thyroid, the adrenal gland, etc., function at least at fifty-one percent.” My organs registered at eight to fourteen percent. One visit I needed support for my thyroid, the next, my pancreas. It was as though Sally and Dr. Lee were chasing this disease all over my body, routing it out of one place only to have it move to another.

I still only drank water and ate small amounts of sweet potatoes and bison burgers, which were the meals I’d chosen earlier when I flushed out my system. Varying my diet brought on the horrible indigestion and shaking, so I was afraid to consume even the few foods listed on the Schwarzbein sheet. Each week Sally made suggestions of something new for me to eat and encouraged me to nibble just a little.

But not being able to eat without having a violent reaction was only part of the problem. Unfortunately, after I received the supplements that would make me better and tried to take them, the symptoms worsened. I had the fever, the racing inside and the shaking sweeping over me every few minutes all night long. I called Dr. Lee and said, “Thank you for seeing me, but I can’t do this.”

“I’m sorry. You’re very sensitive to everything right now, and you detoxified too quickly. We’ll make it work. We can slow it down.”

I agreed to return. After I went in Sally’s office she asked Dr. Lee, “What do you want me to do about the supplements?”

He sat for a moment. “Every time you see Gail, laser every supplement we’ve prescribed into her body. The frequency will trick it into thinking she’s taken them, and she’ll get better. Eventually, she’ll be able to tolerate them.”

He was right--but it took time. That Christmas I attended a bridal shower. By then I’d lost twenty-two pounds. My clothes hung on me as if I were the coat hanger. I knew they looked terrible, but I didn’t have the energy to shop, and I didn’t care how they looked. When I entered the room, friends I hadn’t seen since July appeared startled. “What’s wrong? What happened?” they asked.

I explained that I had a mysterious illness, and I was wasting away. One of them said, “Well, we aren’t going to let that happen.” They all resolved to put me in their prayers.

During the months that followed I was so listless and so far removed from what most would consider a normal existence that I felt separated from my friends, family and life as I had known it. The only place I felt accepted was in Dr. Lee’s office. The entire staff encouraged me to keep swimming, taking walks and especially writing. Eventually, I added more food to my diet, gained weight, regained some energy, wrote, and published my first Christian romance novel. After a while from time to time I’d feel like a normal, healthy person for several days in a row. I’d say, “Dr. Lee, I think I’m well.”

He’d say, “Not yet.”

At the end of that year Lyme disease popped up on a scan. Mortified, I asked, “Why is it just now showing up?”

Dr. Lee explained, “It’s been buried under so many toxins. Sometimes illnesses get in the body and hide. When that happens, they aren’t uncovered until several layers of toxins have been removed. But we’re going to be getting a new green laser, and we want you to try it. We’ll target specific bacteria.”

By then one of my friends at the pool had said, “Boy, you were moving pretty fast today.” And I felt so much better. I was willing to try anything Dr. Lee recommended. I thanked God that I could swim, occasionally see friends, spend time with my family and live a half-normal existence. Since I was able to be up, I probably seemed healthy to many people. Often meeting their expectations drained me, and I wondered why I’d been spared.

Occasionally my treatments aggravated a back injury I already had. I often felt that my body had become one with the bed and there was no way to pry it up. Sometimes I grew too hot and sweated. When the toxins poured out at one point my eyes swelled. My face, chest and neck turned beet red and burned. Dr. Lee said toxins coming out through my skin caused it. Sometimes my ears roared. I had horrible headaches and dizziness and staggered in the morning when I got up. Dr. Lee said my body was making adjustments.

Before most of the treatments I asked those in my Sunday school class to pray that I could tolerate them, and that they would be successful. I reached a point where the terrible flu type feeling and shaking didn’t wake me during the night, but only first thing in the mornings. And eventually they didn’t happen every day. I’d even go weeks or a month without them.

I appreciated concerned friends asking about my condition more than they’ll ever know. When one is that ill and feels cut off from the rest of the world, someone who cares is a blessing. So I knew it was with concern that many expressed horror when I told them I had Lyme disease. So many of them said, “Lyme disease? You have to see a real doctor.”

When I explained that Dr. Lee had saved my life, and he was the one who had found the Lyme disease, they still protested. “Yes, but you didn’t get any other opinions after the first doctor told you he couldn’t help. Now that you know what you have you need antibiotics to kill the bacteria.”

Their concern touched me, but it upset me to listen to them disregard the treatment, which along with God’s grace had kept me swimming, going to church, socializing occasionally and enjoying my friends and family. Even though I didn’t want to bring it up with Dr. Lee, because I knew he didn’t use antibiotics, finally I asked, “Dr. Lee, do you think I should get the antibiotic IVs now that I know I have Lyme disease?”

He answered, “I don’t treat disease. I specialize in whole body health for people that may also have other issues. In my opinion they will kill the bacteria, but they won’t affect the toxins. You have to eliminate them as well as the bacteria, and that’s what we’re doing.” The havoc that the toxins wreaked by themselves is enough to make one want to be free of them. I’m not a biologist, but it made sense to me that some of the bacteria could hide in the toxins and come back to haunt me later.

During the next few years my vision deteriorated. The eye doctor insisted that I had to be checked every six months for glaucoma. So far I have passed all of the field of vision tests they have given for it. From time to time for no apparent reason my hands shook. A scan showed that I might be developing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Sally and Dr. Lee prescribed a supplement until the shaking was greatly diminished and the scan no longer indicated Parkinson’s disease pathways.

Within three years I was finally rid of Lyme disease. I know Dr. Lee says that he doesn’t treat diseases, but it is gone. I think he created a good bacteria that ate it. He said, “It was the synergy of all the therapies together and God’s grace that healed the body.” But it took two more years before I was free of all the bacteria and toxins. I ended up having every treatment Dr. Lee had the day I walked into his office, in addition to several new ones he acquired. More than once I wanted to call the physician I’d seen and tell him, “Just so you know, I had Lyme disease, and it can’t be cured with water, sweet potatoes and bison burgers.” But at least the original MD didn’t prescribe medicine or tests I didn’t need and cause even more problems. Also, when I remembered that God was looking after me, it lost significance.

Unfortunately, I have a residual effect. But by using the green laser Dr. Lee and Sally pin-pointed the exact part of my body that needs support and have given me a supplement. I’m eating everything in sight and still keeping up with my routine. When I no longer need the homeopathic medicine, I’ll feel as though I have my life back.

As for why those big red spots never caused my husband a problem, Dr. Lee said, “Not everyone who gets bitten by a deer tick will get Lyme disease. It depends on one’s capacity to withstand it.” I supposed that was his way of suggesting that some people have strong immune systems and some don’t. But he went on to say, “Imagine a bucket with water pouring into it. After it gets full it’s going to run over. That’s what happens with our bodies sometimes.”

For anyone who wants to know more about Dr. David Lee, visit his Web site at He treats patients from across the United States and several foreign countries.

Gail Pallotta, Georgia

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