Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Boundaries--Sarah Lamando

Sarah Lamando was interviewed by the administrator of http://www.tiredoflyme.com/. The following is her story:

How did you figure out that you might have Lyme Disease?

I was a teenager when I first found out, 17 years old to be exact. I woke up one morning with a crushing, light-sensitive headache that was accompanied by flu-like symptoms, aching joints and severe muscle pain and fatigue. Immediately, my mother took me to my primary care doctor and I was tested for Lyme. Tests came back negative, so the doctor assumed it was a virus and would pass, which it did, about a week afterwards.

Three months later, however, I developed a fatigue so severe that I could barely make it up the stairs to my next class in school without feeling like I was going to collapse, and the exertion from it actually caused my heart to start skipping beats. The next day I awoke to find numerous red rings and egg sized bruises scattered all over my body. This is where I started to worry. I went back to my doctor, who seemed rather dismayed by my presentation, re-tested me for Lyme, which now came back very positive, and gave me two weeks of doxy. Surprisingly, it actually worked, and being the stupid teenager I was, the minute I felt better, I threw out the rest of the bottle, and was quite happy to resume my "normal" life. Unfortunately, in the years to come, my life would turn out to be anything but normal...